The FIFA World Cup competition is being kept in November this year, which will see your social networks feeds filled with soccer (or football depending upon where you re from) associated news for the period of the occasion, while the buzz leading in through the qualifiers and other statements will likewise see a spike in conversation over the coming months.

Which is why Meta s seeking to help brands take advantage of the excitement, with a brand-new overview of how brands can construct their brand through the World Cup, and link into the surrounding chatter.

Though, for industrial reasons, Meta can t state World Cup particularly. As you can see in the below infographic, Meta has actually provided a range of stats and insights into the sporting conversation in its apps, in general, without focusing on specific event terms.

However the World Cup is what this is about, and the listed below insights might assist you draw up a more reliable technique to tap into sporting discussion, and boost your brand messaging.

You can download Meta s full Structure Your Brand name Through Sports guide here.

Meta Building Your Brand Through Sports report

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