Okay, these guidance guides are constantly somewhat controversial, and yes, there are many factors and components that can play into this information which would impact the performance relative to your own brand.

But in basic terms, they can assist and this week, Grow Social has released its newest insights into the finest times to post on Twitter and facebook, based upon efficiency insights from Sprout s 30k+ client base.

Again, this is not authoritative – this is not to state that all brand names, definitively, will see optimal performance if they publish at these times (worth keeping in mind, too, that the times listed at all CST, though they would be relative to your regional time zone). However if you were looking to alter your publishing procedure to enhance efficiency, or possibly draw up a more reliable strategy, these times, based upon existing engagement patterns, might be a good location to start.

To begin with, on Facebook according to Grow s information, the very best time to post your newest update to Facebook is 3am, Monday to Friday.

Sprout Social Facebook data

What? 3am? What s with that? Well, there are different factors that would play into this. First of all, at

3am, there s likely a lot fewer people publishing, which means less competitors in the feed. That could indicate that you get some early engagement which then assists to improve the reach of your post, and by, say, 9am, when more people are online, that early action could then help to ensure that your content is then shown to a lot more individuals.

Grow also keeps in mind that the times are noted in CST, and 3am CST is also:

  • 9am British Standard Time
  • 10am Main European Time
  • 6pm Australian Eastern Requirement Time

So because you re looking at global engagement, you likewise need to element in local variability i.e. it s not just people in your time zone that you re reaching.

Depending on Sprout s user base, that could be a considerable element, so it s worth likewise analyzing who you re reaching, geographically, within your Facebook Insights.

But as you can see in the chart, 3am, Monday to Friday, sees much better engagement, while Tuesdays at 10am and noon also drives excellent response.

Grow even more keeps in mind that the worst day to publish on Facebook, in regards to engagement, is Saturday, with Sunday not looking better.

Worth factoring into your experiments.

On Twitter, Sprout s engagement data recommends that the finest time to post is 9am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Sprout Social Best Times to Post data

It appears that people are more inclined to log into Twitter at 9am in order to overtake the news of the day other than on Thursdays, when everybody s, I think, looking forward to the weekend rather?

The information most likely shows the real-time nature of the tweet feed, and how individuals use the app to keep up with the latest developments, which could be worth factoring into your preparation.

Sprout says that the best days to post to Twitter are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Sundays being the worst for tweet engagement.

Overall, the data offers some intriguing tips for your own experiments. However once again, this is not authoritative, and there are many factors, as kept in mind, that are relative to your audience, and how your neighborhood engages with your material.

However it might get you considering your publishing approach, which might highlight new opportunities.

Grow has likewise published industry-specific breakdowns in its full summaries of Facebook and Twitter engagement insights.